Our first wedding anniversary is coming up and we are scrambling to come up with gift ideas and stuff to do in celebration of our wedding. But I really wanted to post a link to our photographers blog where she put up some of our wedding pictures. I happened to come across them while looking for gift ideas. Enjoy!



When I told my father that we were getting married, he asked, “why?”

My father has been married many times, so this was both an odd question, and the perfect question from him. After all, James and I have been together for almost 10 years. We committed to each other a long time ago and have been each other’s partner for better or for worse for many years already. So why bother getting married?

As we have gone through the heartaches and stresses of planning this wedding, I have to admit, that question has come up in my own mind many times. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we putting ourselves in the spotlight for scrutiny from family and friends? For people to judge our every decision? Why are we throwing this big party and spending our every penny to feed and entertain family, and friends who we consider to be like family, many of whom hardly seem interested ?

So, in putting together our ceremony and deciding what our officiant will say, and what we will say to each other on our wedding day, I’ve thought a lot about the question my father asked me, and this is what I have come to decide.

We are getting married because we want to. We are, as a quote I found on the Internet said, “tying ourselves to the strength of an institution that has stood the test of time, has helped people survive great hardships, and has helped them embrace enormous joy…” Because as humans, we are naive to think we can go through this world alone. We are at our best when we are with each other, when we work together, when we support one another. This encompasses all human relationships — friendships, romantic relationships, sisterhood, brotherhood.

So when we have a wedding, we are, essentially, inviting you into our community. You are standing witness to our commitment to each other, and are thus making a commitment to us as well. To help support us, to love us, to be there for us. And we will do the same for you. It is as much about the two of us as it is about all of you, because we all endure struggles, and we all celebrate joy, and we do it together.

Here’s a snippet from Jewish feminist writer Anita Diamant about marriage: ( via apracticalwedding.com)

“Why  marry? Because marriage publicly affirms the possibility of moving toward another person without reservation. With that momentum, we are propelled toward the center of the heart, toward the center of the universe, and however far that gets us is farther than we’d otherwise go alone. Why marry? Because every wedding enacts a personal connection to the universal story of the human hope for wholeness. Every wedding is an invocation of peace and wholeness and connection and joy. Good wishes flow from family and friends, through history and community, with wings and prayers and everything that might turn out to be holy in the universe. So that’s why Jim and I got married — to receive that shower of blessings, hoping with all our hearts to make them last.”

My hope is that those of you who are coming will realize that you were not arbitrarily invited. You were invited because we see you as part of our community. So when we ask you to take part in the wedding in some way, we would hope that you would accept that as an honor, and not as a burden. We hope that you would recognize that you are special to us in our lives. So thank you so, so much to those of you who have helped, or have offered to help. We appreciate you more than words can say.

It has been two years since we got engaged in Brugge, but better late than never!


Once again Bernadette came to Austin over the weekend to help us finish all of the homemade crafts. Last time she helped (A Lot!) with the invitations, but this time we are working on a few thank you gifts. As you can see Roco didn’t feel like lending a hand.


It’s been a while since we have updated the blog… honestly it’s been too long. So with that in mind we just wanted to show you guys one of the things Sarah has been hard at work on. It’s basically a memory board with pictures and keepsakes from our time together. She did a great job and we thought we would give you a little preview.


I wasn’t really planning on having a bridal shower, even when my mom brought it up to me, it felt a little strange! I love to perform and be on stage — sing a song, act in a play, etc — but to have all eyes on me when there’s no performance to give… eeek!! I get very nervous and flustered! So, the thought of a bridal shower was a little terrifying to me at first!

But, I’m glad my mother talked me into it. It was so nice to see old friends and meet some new friends, too! I felt so overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and generosity, and I left with such a warm, fuzzy feeling. I was also so happy that James’ family made it out. I’ve known them for so long and have already felt like a part of their family for many years now, but it still meant so much to me that they came to the shower. As an only child, it’s weird (in a good way!) to feel kind of like I have sisters now.

And though my best friend couldn’t be there, I was so happy to see her mom and sister walk through the door! They were so much fun! It always makes me smile to see them.

Thanks so much to all of you guys who came, and especially to my mom’s awesome friends! Wow, what an amazing group of ladies! You guys are just the best! No wonder my mom is always hanging out with you all. Seems like you guys just have tons of fun all the time.

Picture time!

funny-pictures-lonely-kitten-birthday-party-balloonI think one of the best things about having a wedding is the opportunity to have the people you love all together in one place. We have family and friends all over the world, and we so rarely get to see them. To have everyone together to be witnesses as we take our vows is such a special, once-in-a-lifetime thing. So we’ve been so excited to get RSVPs in the mail! Everyday we run to the mailbox and quickly rummage through the mail hoping to find another one. We love seeing who’s coming with their boogie shoes, and who’s leaving them behind! Haha.

So far, most folks said they can make it, (Yay!!) but we’ve had a few no’s (sad face). We just found out that my Aunt Margaret (who is also my god mother) has a work commitment and can’t make it, and also our friends Cara and Alastair can’t make it either because they just moved to Singapore. We totally understand when people can’t come, but we are still sad we won’t get to see them!

But, so far, we have folks from New York, Houston, Louisiana, and Austin who all say they’re gonna make it, and with it getting closer and closer, we just can’t wait to give everyone big giant hugs. We feel so lucky to have such great people in our lives!

Also, this weekend I’m going to my bridal shower in Houston that my mom’s wonderful friends are putting together for me. It’s so strange to think that I’m having a bridal shower. I’m kind of nervous, but I guess it will be a good warm up for the actual big day!

photoIt’s been a while since we have posted an update, but things are still coming along. To continue with the homemade theme that we started with the invitations, we decided to make our own cupcake toppers. It took us a couple of hours and we now have glue-skin on our fingers but we finally got them done. Take a look, most likely you wont even noticed them while downing the delicious Sugar Mamma’s cupcakes, but we think they are pretty slick.

So Sarah’s Mom Bernadette has been staying with us during the July 4th weekend. While she is in town, we tried to get as much of the wedding DIY stuff out of the way. We are pretty close to finishing up all of the invitations and wanted to show you guys how they are turning out. Sarah did an amazing job designing EVERYTHING in the invitation. We hope you guys like them as much as we do.

Other than seeing a lot of our favorite people, yes that means you probably reading this, the best part of the wedding will actually come after. We planned a seven night honeymoon in Cancun. Technically it’s a little north in an area called Playa Mujeres. They just opened up a new contemporary hotel called La Amada and they were offering amazing deals earlier this year. We bit the bullet and made our reservations a couple of months ago.

We have never been on a beach vacation before and we are really looking forward to this. Most of the time, we go to Europe on our vacations but with all of the walking and sight seeing we do, it ends up not being much of a vacation. This time we want to do nothing except lay on the beach. Maybe throw in a horseback riding, snorkeling and renting a couple of scooters in Isla Mujeres. We are super excited!

We just wanted to share a picture of our rings with you guys. We just got this picture a few minutes ago from the jewelry smith from Canada. She will ship them tomorrow and should hopefully be in our hands by this upcoming weekend. We are so excited!


So I know I told you guys earlier that I was going to go with something a little bit more casual for the wedding but the items I ordered from J.Crew were just not going to work with me and my body. We ended up going to Macy’s at The Domain here in Austin this last Friday since it was next to J.Crew and we thought we would just look around. Not only did I buy a suit for the wedding, but I walked away with TWO suits! Me in a suit!?

Either way, the suits are rather nice in person and they make me look more distinguished than I would have imagined. Here is a picture of the jacket, I don’t want to give it all away right now, and by that I mean I don’t want to put up any more pictures than this and I need to hit the gym.


Our lovely friend Jessica who we met when we lived in Brooklyn is making our boutonnieres. She just finished a few of them and they look amazing. My Dad’s boutonniere is pictured below. She has a few more to make but we just wanted to show you guys because we are so excited for her to be making these and even more excited to see her at our wedding. The best part of the wedding will be seeing friends and family who we never get the chance to see. Hope you guys love them as much as we do! If you want to see more of her work, you can see it here on her blog.


We have already picked out the wedding DJ, now it comes the time pick the music. When we really thought about it, we thought we would make this as much fun for everyone attending our wedding. So bring your dancing shoes because Richie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry are all invited to the wedding too!

We aren’t sure how many of you have seen the ring I gave Sarah, but I can tell you that it’s not your average ring. Sarah is a unique gal and she wanted a unique ring and she got it. I love the ring, but the only problem is that it’s going to be very hard to find something that matches. But never fear, a goldsmith on Etsy has us taken care of.

Redcatrun has a ring very similar to what I bought for Sarah. I got her ring at Fragments in Soho a couple of years ago and proposed to her in Brugge as some of you already know. Now it’s might turn to wear the mark of a committed relationship so I am looking for the perfect match. I am hoping this one will work out and I am excited to see it in person. I am in negations as we speak to try to get this ring made for me. Wish me luck!


So all the vendors are pretty much booked, which is awesome. That took a LOT of work! So lately I’ve been thinking about the other things on my list of things to do…

Namely, a dress. I have to find one! And soon! James knows what he’s going to wear. He even ordered it already! Guys are so lucky.  I, on the other hand, can’t find a dress IN MY BUDGET that I like even a smidge.

Clearly, the problem is the budget, not me, right? Hmm… Don’t answer that.

In the interest of entertaining myself. Let’s look at some dresses that I will NOT be wearing:

oh dear.


feminine hygeine product as wedding dress?

the horror. oh, the horror. 

I suppose I can take solace in knowing that no matter what dress I end up wearing, I will most likely not end up on tackyweddings.com 

So we have been working pretty hard trying to get everything together, and we’re almost done booking all of the vendors! YAY!

Most recently items we’ve checked off of our to-do lists:

Day-of coordinator

Whew! See, told you we’ve been busy. Our coordinator is Aimee from Lizze Belle Events. Our photographer recommended her, and she was super nice and helpful when we met her a few weeks ago. We weren’t really planning on having a coordinator originally, but it will actually save us money on hiring other people to help out, and save on stress, for sure. My friends who recently got married said it was totally worth it to have a coordinator, so we bit the bullet and coughed up the cash. And Aimmee couldn’t be nicer, so we’re pretty pleased!

Last Sunday, we met with Sarah de la Fuente, who’s going to be our officiant. She’s with Austin Weddings Unlimited, and we really enjoyed meeting her. She already sent us some examples of different ceremonies, and we are going through them and piecing together what we want to say. I was really looking forward to meeting her and getting that part settled, because she’s really the only thing we actually NEED to get married, so now it’s REALLY official!

I want to find some readings to incorporate, so if anyone has any suggestions, let us know! Poems, excerpts from books, etc. you know. sappy lovey dovey stuff 🙂

We haven’t finalized thigns with the DJ yet, because we are still working on ceremony music, but we did meet with a guy we liked and will probably go with, so more on that later.

Our caterer is super awesome and talented, and I really really really need to send him our contract and a check already. This is on my list of things to still do. But his name is Jesse and he’s with Ecstatic Cuisine. It was pretty interesting trying to come up with a menu that both James and I would like…  AND we’re on a tight budget, so Jesse was so awesome and is really working with us. I think the food will be great!! I don’t think I’m going to tell you guys what the menu is just yet…. so you’ll have to wait!!

std1Finally! It’s about to become official… we are getting married! So Sarah did an amazing job in designing the Save The Dates and I think they look great. We did mostly everything ourselves. Well I guess I should say that Sarah did everything herself. I think I put the labels on a few of them… so that counts! We ordered custom stamps. We wish we would have ordered the smaller ones but these look good. We used Overnightprints.com for the actual post card and they came out pretty nice as well. We simply uploaded the files and they arrived a couple of dates later. Anyway… be on the look out for one of these in your mail box soon.


We love cupcakes. In fact, we love cupcakes so much that we actually want to have cupcakes at our wedding instead of a traditional wedding cake. We went to Sugar Mama’s with our friend Danielle so that we could try some of their flavors. We are including some of our favorites like German Chocolate Cake and Key Lime. Red Velvet will also be on hand along with some of the usual suspects — vanilla and chocolate. These might be the best cup cakes we have ever had.